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5 Funniest April Fools Jokes 2019

1. Discord Light Theme

It is known is the discord community that the light theme is bad. Discord used that opportunity to make an april fools joke on their youtube channel. though it sounds nice but no discord did not delete light theme.

2. Razer Ping

Every year razer seems to come up with a creative a funny april fools joke. This time they made a video about their “brand new cool product” wich lets you skip talking in real life and just ping objects. Of course this is just a joke you be able to ping donuts any time soon.

3. Lego: Find my brick

Lego Bricks allways get lost knowing that lego came up with a funny idea! They posted a picture on twitter about an app that lets you find a brick that you chose. Wouldint that be useful if it were real!

4. Google Tulip

Google makes amazing technology but nothing compared to this new invention. Google made a new product that lets you speak to tulips. Of course this is a joke we wont be taken over by plants anytime soon.

5. Omega Assistant

Looks like even Final Fantasy is jumping into technologie. They introduced us the brand new assistand omega. Theres nothing more to say for this one just watch and see for yourself!


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