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Apex Tips and Tricks

Allways stay grouped up

It is necessary in apex to stay as a team so seperating is a big no no. By seperating the enemy can take you out one by one and thats obviously bad.

Ping everything!

You never know if a teammate is searching for a certain weapon or an attachment so your best move is just to ping whatever you find. Of course dont go overboard with this dont ping the same item twice it pinging too much can be annoying too.

Keep your teammates alive at all costs!

Even if you are low on health and at a huge disadvantage the most important thing in apex is that dying with your teammates is better then just running away and letting them fight all alone.

Dont be scared to fight.

Dont try camping or just sitting in the zone and avoiding fights. Fights are your main way of getting loot if you keep avoiding them you will end up forced to fight another team either way and the chances are they have way better loot then you do.

Know where you drop

If you arent really good at the game going to the ship, Skull town or the hotzone is a big mistake because those places are known to attract alot of teams and you would have to be really good to be able to win againts all of those enemies

Use Voice Chat

Communication is key to winning fights. you should allways tell your friends if they will get attacked and from what direction. Pings are not enought its true that pings are important but in the middle of a fight chances are your friends wont be able to see them.

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