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Best 4 Long anime

Hunter x Hunter (2011)

Follow the adventure of Gon and hes friend in the 148 episodes long anime. Gon’s father is a hunter so Gon decides he will become a hunter too and meet he’s dad some day but he doesn’t know is the challenges he will face trying to acheive that.

2. One piece

Go on a pirate adventure led by Luffy and hes crew in the ongoing anime One Piece. With the influance of a certain someone luffy goes on the quest to become the king of the pirates. He recruits differant crewmembers on the way and goes amazing adventures. One Piece is still ongoing but so far it has reached 878 episodes.

3. Fairy Tail

FairyTail is a 200+ episode long anime with the main characters being Natsu Salamander and Lucy Heartfilia. With the power of their friendship they fight to protect their guild and no one will be able to extinguish their fire.

4. Naruto

Hes name is Naruto Uzumaki and he one to become the hokage beleive it! Naruto is a 720 episodes long anime. Naruto is a kid from the village hidden in the leaves and he seeks to become the hokage. Will he be able to do it? Its for you to find out!

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