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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare will have battle royale for 200 players

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare was the target of a data mine that revealed immense information about the inevitable royale battle mode.

In the subreddit of Modern Warfare subreddit, Senescallo, known for revealing information in advance about Call of Duty, shared the huge map of the battle royale mode.

Some images discovered by Senescallo indicate that the battle royale of 200 players was developed jointly by Infinity Ward and Raven.

This information includes a list of zones and points of interest, perks, and killstreaks. The default will be for 200 players, but there will be solo, double or quartet modes.

As seen by the players, the map of the battle royale of Modern Warfare includes the huge Ground War and Specs Ops maps. It’s really huge and for 200 players, that’s how it has to be.

The Infinity Ward seems to have prepared a curious respawn mechanic through the Respawn Tokens, which can be collected on the map. If you get a Respawn Token, you can resurrect a teammate, who will have to be transported to the Ambulance. Here, they enter the Gulag’s queue, but at some point, the Gulag closes and you’ll no longer be able to resuscitate.

The Gulag – the imprisonment field – gives you the chance to return to the match if you win a 1v1 match and anyone in the Gulag waiting for stands by and watches battles from those fighting in the Gulag, while seeing a countdown indicating how much time remains to fight.

Occasionally there will be a prison break and you may be one of the players escaping from the Gulag. The information indicates that it will even be possible to bet on who will win and escape from the Gulag.

Senescallo also advances that you can complete missions and eliminate opponents to get more items in ATM locations, something that will inform other players of your presence.

Assassination, Domination and Scavenger Hunt are some of the missions you can complete to earn more items, but your inventory is limited.

This information is not official and results from the investigation of the game files in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, but it gives you an idea of what the Infinity Ward has in store for the battle royale in the game.


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