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Celebrities that have passed away so far in 2019

We’ve only been 3 months into this year, and we’ve already lost some pretty big names. Take a look.

1.Albert Finney

Albert Finney was a british actor.Finney started his career at the Royal Shakespeare Company, where had quite some high-profile roles, including Scrooge, Daddy Warbucks, Ed Bloom Sr, Big Fish and he also took the role of the mobster in Miller’s Crossing.He was 82 when he died.

2.Luke Perry

Very known for his 90s role as Dylan McKay, the Beverly Hills, 90210 bad-boy heartthrob, died 5 days after being hospitalized due to a stroke.Recently, Perry had returned to the world of teen drama as Archie Andrews’ dad in Riverdale, along with Archie Comics. Divorced and father to two kids — Sophie, 18, and Jack, 21, a professional wrestler known as “Jungle Boy” Nate Coy — he was married with actress Wendy Madison Bauer when he died.He was 52.

3.James Ingram

With a really romantic style and a voice that Quincy Jones, who discovered him, said was just like fine whiskey, James earned 2 Grammy Awards (for 1991’s “One Hundred Ways” and 1983’s duet with Michael McDonald ) and also two Number 1 Hot 100 hits (1981’s “Baby, Come to Me” and 1989’s “I Don’t Have the Heart”). He earned two Golden Globe and Oscar nominations, for “The Day I Fall in Love” and “Look What Love Has Done,” and his 1986 duet with Linda Ronstadt from the film An American Tail, “Somewhere Out There,” was a No. 2 hit. He was just as talented as a songwriter, he contributed to Michael Jackson’s masterpiece Thriller by penning its hit “P.Y.T. (Pretty Young Thing).” He was 66 when he died.

  • 4.Bob Enstein

Bob Einstein was one of the most popular people to die this year.

He was an actor and comedian, who was really known for his roles on popular sitcoms “Curb Your Enthusiasm” and “Arrested Development”.

In “Curb Your Enthusiasm”, he played Marty Funkhouser and starred as Larry Middleman in Arrested Development.

He was also known for creating and playing the role of Super Dave Osborne.

The actor was diagnosed with leukaemia late last year and died on January 2 at the age of 76.


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