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Design of the next iPhones is confirmed with these images

Rumors and leaks from upcoming iPhones are no longer exactly new. However, today’s images make us even clearer about their new design.

According to rumors to date, Apple’s terminals will have a front design identical to previous models and a renewed rear with a slightly different camera set than what we saw until then.

iPhone XI and iPhone IX Max

The new images of the MIKKE leaker, which has seen itself correct many times in the past, iPhone XI and iPhone XI Max will have 3 rear cameras. Thus confirming the previous rumors. The lenses will be built into the back corner inside a small square that is expected to have a small hump.

The LED flash should also be on the same hump. The CAD images (layouts given to cover manufacturers) confirm this. A terminal with slight differences but following the lines of its predecessors.

iPhone XIR with two sensors

Also, just like the other rumors, the iPhone XIR will feature another camera. This will be Apple’s most affordable option. Last year we had a smartphone with more autonomy, a lower screen, and only one rear camera.

This year, on the new iPhones, the iPhone XIR will feature 2 rear cameras. Therefore, we can imagine that they will follow the ideology of the iPhone XS in the market at this time.

What are so many lenses on the new iPhones for?

Apple is expected to introduce a wide-angle lens into the XI and XI Max. The XIR model, on the other hand, should have a zoom lens. As we see in the iPhones on the market at the moment.

If everything goes as normal, the new iPhones will be revealed at the beginning of September and will arrive on the market by the middle of that month.

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