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Surface Duo Phone – Microsoft surprised everyone and everything! (With Android!)

Microsoft surprised everyone and everything after two ‘meh’ revelations in the form of the Surface Laptop 3 and Surface Pro 7… By introducing a new folding Android smartphone of its name Surface Duo Phone!

Therefore, this new device is very similar to the recently announced portable Surface Neo, but on a much smaller and more compact scale. Thus, the smartphone has two 5.6″ screens capable of rotating 360º, which will allow a transformation to an 8.3″ tablet.

Surface Duo Phone: Who was waiting for Microsoft to return to the world of smartphones?

What’s really interesting about this machine is that each screen will be able to run two different applications at the same time. By the way, the smartphone can even be used as a mini laptop, with one of the screens serving as a keyboard or virtual controller for some games. What is clear, shows us great use of the current mobile computing power.

Curiously, although the operating system of the smartphone is Android, it has a skin quite aggressive on top to change the entire interface to a kind of Windows Mobile. Certainly to maintain a certain consistency between product ranges.

Design and Technical Specifications – It’s still all an unknown!

Apparently, to give some computational power, the Surface Duo will rely on the Snapdragon 855 or similar. Similar? Yes, the design of this device is not yet finished, and the release date has not yet been set. So, a lot may change in the coming months.

After all, we don’t even know if the smartphone will have a dedicated rear camera yet.


In short, we have here a huge announcement from Microsoft! With the hardware and software giant returning to a market where it burned strong and ugly with Windows 10 Mobile and purchase from mobile phone manufacturer Nokia.

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