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This is the fully-revealed Fortnite Chapter 2 map

(Image credit: Epic Games)

The Fortnite new map is finally here. once10 entire seasons on the (sort of, however not really) same world, we’ve been transported to a completely new, however still pretty colorful, field of battle. The region is currently, however, a painful, Fortnite-free memory, however, currently we will enjoy the innovative surroundings that comes with Fortnite Chapter two Season one. Yes, you browse that right, this is not technically referred to as Fortnite season eleven.

The factor is, gap your minimap instantly once downloading the new update to take pleasure in the recent glory of the Fortnite Chapter two season one map area bit anticlimactic. this can be as a result of the complete map is greyed out with some question marks indicating mysterious new named areas.

So you cannot see everything in minimap type at once, however, unraveling every new location step by step is quite exciting. But, if you only need to only skip straight to the nice stuff, below is what the Fortnite new map appears like-absolutely unconcealed.

Fortnite Chapter 2 map revealed

As you’ll be able to see below, the new map appearance less busy than before. There is an associate awful ton of foliage, that somewhat recollects the game’s terribly initial world. you will additionally notice a few of returning and acquainted names once it involves the most areas: Salty Springs, Pleasant Park, and Retail Row create their come.

Nevertheless, the new Fortnite map continues to be terribly totally different. The desert and ice biomes square measure gone, however, that does not mean it is the same everywhere. There square measure snowy mountains to the southeast, a quaggy space within the southwest, and dry, arid farmland if you head northeast.

(Image credit: Epic Games)

Your initial set of tasks, the aptly-named Fortnite New World challenges, square measure part targeted on discovering the new map. there’s a challenge for visiting all the new named areas (the spots with 3 question marks on them) and Fortnite landmarks. These square measure unknown points of interest on the map, and you’ll be able to notice them by heading to greyed-out areas of the map while not question marks.

Essentially what you are looking for is something out of the standard, sort of a string of beach huts on the coast, a mansion on its lonesome on prime of a hill, or a crown. can get} a notification after you reach a landmark then the gray coloring on your map will soften away. Since there square measure challenges connected to finding 10, simply revealing the map can award you with a pleasant whack of XP to visualize you through the first levels of the new Fortnite Chapter a pair of Battle Pass.


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